P6 'Bruckers' brave the weather

Bag the Bruck
On Tuesday morning class 6 went to Scapa beach for a bag the bruck trip. It was windy and wet but we had wrapped up well. We went in two groups and we went on the bus to get there. Group one went first and then group two. Went to the far end and worked our way back, then group two arrived and worked towards them.
We found old bits of net and plastic. Some of us had to work in teams to get the bigger bits of rope out of the sand. We got 9 bags altogether.
Paige and Jack

Tour guiding at the Palaces


Tour Guiding
On Thursday we did a dress rehearsal on our junior tour guiding at the palaces. We had to put on lots of layers so we did not get cold. We did our warm up to get us going, 1st we had to wake up so we did a morning stretch, 2nd we looked in the pretend mirror and pulled a funny face 3rd brushed are teeth really well all around are mouth 4th we had a little grape chewed it all up and then we had a really big juicy apple. 6th we showed are bad JTG and are good JTG. 

After our warm up we went to the Bishops Palace and group one did their performance and group two and three were the audience. We then went back over to the earl’s palace and group two did their performance whilst group one were the audience and group three were up at their places getting ready to perform. Group two showed one half of the palace and group three showed the other half of the palace. 

Then on Friday was the big day it was actually the day we were preforming to our parents. It was group 1 in the morning and group 2 in the afternoon, it was kind of nerve racking thinking about it but when we got started everyone did a great job and had a good time and after we went to the st Magnus centre with our parents and had refreshments like tea, coffee, juice, sausage rolls, sandwiches, biscuits and we got certificates then we got our pictures taken with our certificates and in costume.

I think the parents enjoyed it very much and when the audience had to take part they did it very well they were really happy with us at the end. After a little while we went back to school and got ready for home. We are looking forward to our next performance. 

By Caitlin and Jennifer