Spinning and flipping

Last week we debated whether the craze for fidget spinner toys was a good thing and whether it really helped people focus and concentrate at school or not. We found out about different opinions from the USA and UK, from teachers and parents, and decided there were alternatives which could do the job just as well or even better. We will be selling our alternatives at the School Fair.

We attempted to make our own homemade spinners with cardboard and coins, and lego. Some of them worked quite well. We designed some amazing fidget toys that combined lots of different sensory elements.

This week we used another craze - bottle flipping - to think about probability and chance, what makes a fair test and the variables you can adjust to try to make good comparisons. We predicted and hypothesised what we thought the outcomes would be and explained why we thought as we did. We will go on to work out the fraction of  the attempts that were successful under each set of variables, and convert this to decimals and percentages.

Rugby Skills Development

Class Rugby
Yesterday we went out to the front playground to play Rugby. Our coach was John. He taught us different technique, we did a few games and warm ups. It was fun some people did not do it so they had to sit on a bench and read a book. We got put into group’s 6 people in each group one of the games was octopus it’s were two catchers are in the middle and everyone else has to try to run. The catchers where Erin K and Erin R it was so fun hope we can do it again. Tyler and Paige      

More brucking!

Class 6 bagging the bruck at The Peedie Sea

On Tuesday class 6 went out litter picking. First we went around the back of Tesco and we were outraged to think that people could leave so much litter lying around .We found things such as glass bottles, poo bags with dog poo still in it, cigarette packets and soft drinks containers of all kinds.
Then we went across to the Peedie Sea and picked up more litter which had been blown across from the shops, because it is mostly plastic it is  are not going to decompose and will stay in the environment forever unless we pick them up. The swans and ducks were living in amongst all the litter. It did not look very nice but it was really unhealthy for the creatures that live there.
Over near the skate park we found lots of broken plastic tree protectors and the fences were catching all the crisp packets. The P1/2 M class did a great job picking all that up. We collected 15 bags altogether but could have got more if we had longer.

Jack and William
We are trying to stop a lot of the litter around the Peedie Sea from ending up in the ocean.

We think there should be another big bin behind Tesco and the bushes should be trimmed up off the ground.

Guided tour of Kirkwall

Today we were going on a trip down the town to meet a tour guide called Tina Smith. Our first stop was Peedie Sea then we walked towards the other side where we met Tina. She told us about how we were going to record what centuries we had talked about. We had a bit of paper and the numbers of centuries we were going to mention. Sometimes we would take pictures of the signs that told you about where you were and what you were looking at. 

 We had two other helpers called Mr. Manson and Mrs. Watt and our class teacher Ms. Mackay and helper Mrs. Thomson. We learnt interesting facts about our home town.  We learned why some streets are named what they are called. It was all very amazing and wonderful. We would like to thank all our helpers for coming and learning interesting facts with us.
By Paige and Sofia