Guided tour of Kirkwall

Today we were going on a trip down the town to meet a tour guide called Tina Smith. Our first stop was Peedie Sea then we walked towards the other side where we met Tina. She told us about how we were going to record what centuries we had talked about. We had a bit of paper and the numbers of centuries we were going to mention. Sometimes we would take pictures of the signs that told you about where you were and what you were looking at. 

 We had two other helpers called Mr. Manson and Mrs. Watt and our class teacher Ms. Mackay and helper Mrs. Thomson. We learnt interesting facts about our home town.  We learned why some streets are named what they are called. It was all very amazing and wonderful. We would like to thank all our helpers for coming and learning interesting facts with us.
By Paige and Sofia     


  1. What a lovely day for a tour of Kirkwall! I hope you all enjoyed it and learnt lots of interesting facts. Caroline (Erin R's mum)

  2. looks like you all had a great time wondering about and learning about Kirkwall.
    Davie(Declan's Dad)