More brucking!

Class 6 bagging the bruck at The Peedie Sea

On Tuesday class 6 went out litter picking. First we went around the back of Tesco and we were outraged to think that people could leave so much litter lying around .We found things such as glass bottles, poo bags with dog poo still in it, cigarette packets and soft drinks containers of all kinds.
Then we went across to the Peedie Sea and picked up more litter which had been blown across from the shops, because it is mostly plastic it is  are not going to decompose and will stay in the environment forever unless we pick them up. The swans and ducks were living in amongst all the litter. It did not look very nice but it was really unhealthy for the creatures that live there.
Over near the skate park we found lots of broken plastic tree protectors and the fences were catching all the crisp packets. The P1/2 M class did a great job picking all that up. We collected 15 bags altogether but could have got more if we had longer.

Jack and William
We are trying to stop a lot of the litter around the Peedie Sea from ending up in the ocean.

We think there should be another big bin behind Tesco and the bushes should be trimmed up off the ground.

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