American football

Today our class went to the dinner hall with our American students Camryn and David who taught us how to play American football. First they showed us how to throw and catch the ball. We got into groups of four and started to throw and catch the ball like they told us, next they told us how to run the ball that is when you catch the ball you protect it and then you put it between your hand and your shoulder, and then we did a relay. 
Then they told how to tackle and finally we did a huddle stand - before a game we clap.
Brogan and Erlend

Today we watched some of the best play from the Green Bay Packers, the home team of our visiting American students.


  1. hi class 6 I thought the american football was amazing David and Cameron explained it very well american football is a little like rugby because you use your hands in it and you through the ball as well I think everyone enjoyed it. gy paige

  2. Hi Class 6,
    i Really enjoyed playing American football with Cameron and David and it was interesting to find out about how they play football in America.First they showed us how to catch the ball, You have to make a Diamond shape with your hands and then when you caught it you had to protect it with your hands by putting one hand on top and the other under neath and then to run with the ball you took one hand of and you would run with the ball in your hand. It was really fun learning how to play American football and I hope we can learn more about it soon.

  3. The american football is really fun i enjoyed the american football i hope we can do it again.

    BY Kadyn

  4. I enjoyed doing American football we learned how to do lots of moves and skills. first we learned the basic rules that were only the quarter back can throw when you drop the ball everyone stops. Then we played a game and we were splited into two groups group 1 and group 2. Each time you score you get 6 points. It was close but team 2 won.

  5. I enjoyed the american football we did how to catch the ball and run with the ball we played a game of two hand touch there was 2 teams there was a quarter back the quarter back they can only pass the ball.Cameron

  6. Hi class 6 i really enjoyed learning about american football David and Cameron were excellent coaches and they explained it very well. When we went outside to play it, it was very good fun. There were two teams an attacker team and a defender team the attackers wanted to score a goal with their ball that they had, and the defender team had to defend them from scoring. The person that started with the ball was called a 'The quarter back' when they were ready to throw the ball they said 'down set hike' and when they said 'hike' they have to throw the ball to one of their team mates if a person in their team catch it they have to run as fast as they can to score a goal at their end. If a person in another team catch the ball the game stops and they try again. If someone has the ball another person has to go and catch them on the shoulders with two hands before they score. American football was incredibly fun i hope we do it again sometime. Jennifer

  7. I really enjoyed playing American football because it was very interesting. when we did our first game I was slightly confused but when I got to grips with it I enjoyed it lots. The first thing we did to learn how to play a proper match was watch a short video then we went outside to try it out. Everybody thought it was good fun and so did I we liked it so much that we suggested to play it at break. I enjoyed American football and it was great fun. Erin.R