Primary Athletics

On Thursday Erlend, Brogan, Cameron, Erin, Aneisha and Lauren went to Picky to take part in the Primary Athletics. You had to run a race, a throw and a jump.  The events were 100m or 800 m race, high jump or long jump and cricket ball or shot put. There was a 9 - 10 age group  and 11 - 12 age group.

At the end whoever had the most medals could win the overall winner for  your age.Pupils from all over the  Mainland and the Isles came as well. Everyone who contributed tried their very hardest and showed great sportsmanship. 

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  1. hi class 6 I am proud of everyone who went to the primary athletics and some of them won a medal they all did so good and I think they all enjoyed it the people in my class where Aneisha and Erin k Erlend Lauran and broagan and camron by paige