For session 2016 2017 term 3.

We are at school for 5 days a week, six hours a day and feel that is enough work. We have to fit in family time, helping at home and out of school activities as well as just relaxing. The Learning Journey and the blog can be used to share with parents what we are doing at school, so this term we will be changing our homework arrangements. After a class debate at which parents’ opinions were discussed we have agreed to:

Do spelling at school
Continue reading our reading group book or an independent reader
Complete a personal project which can be presented as a short talk in any form (video or photo diary, telling an original story, model, book or booklet, demonstration, a piece of writing, diagram or poster, dance routine, cookery lesson, sharing a craft or skill etc).

IF you are too busy with out of school activities to do any of the above please present a report about an out of school activity instead. This could include photos, medals, or presentation of a short demonstration.
You have all term to prepare this however you might like to show your work when you are finished if this is earlier than the last two weeks of term. It is up to you how many projects you take on. Try not to do more than one at once.

This ‘homework’ activity can be as independent or can be given as much support as is felt to be appropriate.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know the homework structure for this term. It will be interesting to see how many pupils complete their projects and see what they choose to research or talk about. Caroline (Erin R's mum)

  2. Robert is looking forward to starting his project.